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Bachelor's and Integrated Master’s Degrees - List of Courses

First Degree in Fine Arts

The Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts offered by FBAUP provides you with comprehensive training in the fields of Painting, Sculpture and Multimedia. Following a general first year, you can choose from one of three specialisations, designed to provide you with a greater connection to contemporary artistic practices. You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of elective course units, allowing you to adapt your education to your academic and professional objectives.

Job Opportunities

Freelance artist; member of multidisciplinary teams in businesses; member of multidisciplinary teams in cultural organisations:
cultural promotion; collaborations with museums; collaborations with galleries.

Logo da Unidade Organica
Faculty of Fine Arts
Type of Course
First Degree
8 Semesters / 240.0 ECTS
Mark of the last classified*

1ª Phase 166.5

2ª Phase 186.5

Annual Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
National: 697.00€
International: 3500.00€
CPLP International: 1925.00€

* Information only related to the National Call for Applications

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024