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UP.PT - Faculty of Economics

Masters Degree in Finance and Taxation

The Master in Finance and Taxation (FINF) has allowed young graduates with high growth potential the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in the areas of finance, taxation and accounting. In this way, it has contributed to fulfil real needs in the world of companies and institutions. Given that the obligations of a financial, fiscal and accounting nature are growing and constantly changing, it is an opportunity for people to enhance their value, from those who already assume high responsibilities to young people. The teaching method is face-to-face and the schedule is after work.

Job Opportunities

The Master in Finance and Taxation trains professionals who wish to develop/consolidate activity in areas such as Finance, Taxation and Accounting. They may follow professional paths in various institutions such as, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Investment and Pension Funds, Hospitals, Ministries of Finance, Economy, Justice, Social Security and Labour, Local Authorities and Municipal Companies, Social Solidarity Institutions, Public Corporate Entities.

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Faculty of Economics
Type of Course
Masters Degree
4 Semesters / 120.0 ECTS
Annual Tuition Fee (Full Tuition Fee)
National: 1500.00€
International: 5000.00€
CPLP International: 2750.00€

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024

Registration and Accreditation


Registration n.ºR/A-Cr 108/2012 in July 9, 2012


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: May 30, 2012