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Printing From Institutional Equipment (Using PaperCut MF Client)

The use of this service requires the installation of the "PaperCut MF Client" application and the respective print queues available on the \\print server (or \\

Contact the HelpDesk if you do not have the PaperCut MF Client application installed on your computer.

The print queues provided are:

  • A3 colors;
  • A4 colors;
  • Black and white A3;
  • Black and white A4.

The print queues and their application will be installed automatically.

  1. Print to one of the printers provided by the \\print server (or \\;

  2. An authentication window will appear where you must enter your credentials:

    Student - enter your user in the form up[123456789][ 1 ]and the password of the Information System;

    Teacher/Staff - enter your user as [user]@[institution][ 2 ] and the password of the Information System;


    Authentication screen

  3. After sending your jobs to the print queues, go to an associated device;

  4. Sign in at the device with your U.Porto Card or your print user/password;

  5. Release your jobs.


  1. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number.
  2. The institution corresponds to your home institution (arq, fade, fba, fc, fcna, direito, fe, fep, ff, fmd, fpce, icbas, letras ou med).

More information:

Unit of IT Support
[email protected]