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Short URLs

The creation of Short URLs is particularly useful when sharing pages with long addresses (such as the ones in the Information System). It also makes sharing easier on social media, where the number of characters per message is limited. Short URLs should only be applied to pages in the domain.

Create a short URL

  1. Visit

  2. Authenticate yourself using Institutional Authentication (AAI).

  3. The short URLs page will appear.


    Short URLs page

  4. Write or copy the original address on the "URL" text box. Note that we only allow addresses with a maximum of 2000 characters (including the indication of the communication protocol – http://, https://, etc.).

  5. If you wish, write a comment to identify the address in the "Comment" text box.

  6. Click on the "Create" button.

  7. The short URL is shown on a green bar at the top of the page.


    A message with the short URL

The creation of short addresses is limited to 100 a day per user.

You can create different short URLs for the same target page and use them in different means of dissemination. This way, you can verify their reach through statistics.

Managing short URLs

The short URLs associated with your user are listed on the home page. The original URLs are organised in alphabetical order.

For each short URL, in the "Actions" column, the following features are available:

  • View the total number of visits and the number of visits per country.
  • Generate a QR code to share the website.
  • Edit the original URL and/or the associated comment.

"Actions" column

More information:

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