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Accessing Course Unit Fact Sheets

Content for students

  1. Log in to the Information System.
  2. Go to your personal page and click on the magnifying glass next to the name of the Course/Cycle of Studies.
  3. On the "Academic Path" tab, click on the code on the left side of the Course Unit name.

Accessing Course Unit Fact Sheets

The main content describes how the Course Unit works.

  • Lecturers
  • Objectives
  • Programme
  • Type of assessment
  • Assessment components
  • Bibliography
  • etc.

Information in the Course Unit Fact Sheet

Complementary information can be accessed through the options on the sidebar. For example:

  • Available documents
  • List of enrolled students
  • Timetable
  • Fact sheets of previous academic years (other occurrences)
  • Print fact sheet
  • Statistics (approved, failed and not assessed)
  • Summaries (also as attachments)
  • Classes and class structure
  • Exam dates
  • Results
  • Access to pedagogical survey data
  • etc.

Depending on each institution's configuration, you could have access to other options.

More information:

Unit of Support and Consulting
[email protected]