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Consulting Periods of Limitation

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Enrolment can be denied to students if they fail repeatedly[ 1 ].

To check if you are subject to a period of limitation and to learn about how it is calculated:

  1. Log in to the Information System.
  2. Go to your personal page and click on the magnifying glass next to the name of the Course/Cycle of Studies.
  3. Choose the "Period of limitation" ("Situação de prescrição") option on the sidebar.

Consulting the period of limitation

Note that the period of limitation only applies to students who have registered at least three times.

The calculation of the period of limitation is explained on the respective page, as well as the applicablity of the regulation. The data considered for the calculation is also shown.

Be particularly aware of the number of ECTS credits you need to get so you are not subject to a period of limitation. If that value is equal to zero, then you are not at risk of being subject to a period of limitation at the beginning of the following academic year.


  1. Article 5 of Law no. 37/2003 of the 22nd of August and regulated by U.Porto on the "Regulamento de Prescrições da U.Porto" (Regulation on the periods of limitation of U.Porto).

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