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Personal development - Mentoring U.Porto

Starting in the 2023/2024 academic year, FEP students will benefit from the integration program that already involves nearly 5,000 U.Porto students.

FEP recently formalized its adhesion to the Transversal Peer Mentoring Program, the pioneer project that aims to promote the welcoming and integration of new students of U.Porto at the beginning of their new stage in Higher Education.

Starting from the next academic year, around 700 new students of the different study cycles of FEP will benefit from this program that joins current and new national and international students of the University, in order to provide them the best possible integration at academic, personal and social level.

Under Mentoring, the participants have the opportunity to participate in a regular set of initiatives that aim to promote the conviviality, as well as the acquisition of skills and learning considered fundamental for the experience in Higher Education.

The integration of FEP in the U.Porto Mentoring Programme was formalised in a meeting which was attended by the president of the Scientific-Pedagogical Commission of U.Porto Mentoring, Teresa Medina, and the FEP Professors Maria Eduarda Silva and Maria Natália Gonçalves, among other representatives of the programme and of the School.

More information can be obtained through the e-mail [email protected].