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Alumni - FEP Ambassadors

The FEP Ambassadors network has as main objective to increase the number of Alumni connected to FEP, being of extreme importance for the enlargement of the network, as well as for its dynamization.

FEP Ambassadors

Its main role is to collaborate in the organisation and/or promotion of Alumni events.

In 2022, FEP has 44 international ambassadors, distributed by 21 countries. In addition, the School has 75 national ambassadors, two of whom live in Lisbon and are responsible for boosting the Alumni network in that city, and the remaining ambassadors are by generation, who seek to involve their colleagues, especially when they celebrate the anniversary of their entry into FEP.

It has been a tradition to take advantage of the Christmas season to have a meeting of FEP ambassadors in order to share and reflect on the initiatives they have developed. This moment culminates in a Christmas get-together between ambassadors and their guests (FEP colleagues and friends).