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Alumni - FEP Alumni Network

FEP has an online platform that enables the connection with the Alumni.

FEP Alumni Network

On FEP Alumni Network you can:

FEP Alumni Network

  • Reconnect with classmates and friends from your programme, find out where their careers have taken them and remember the special moments you shared;
  • Contact FEP Alumni with different professional interests or who work in various locations around the world;
  • Hear about job opportunities requiring professional experience;
  • Collaborate as a mentor and/or find a mentor;
  • Contact Alumni who were members of FEP student organisations while they were students;
  • Share recruiting ideas, events and/or opportunities with FEP Alumni.

registo no Portal FEP Alumni Network

It takes only 5 minutes to register on FEP Alumni Network, and you can upload your details from LinkedIn.

Portal FEP Alumni Network