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Programmes and Courses in English - Masters Degree

Four of FEP's sixteen Masters degrees are offered entirely in English.


The Master in Economics of Business and Strategy, Master in Finance, Master in Management and Master in Data Analytics are taught in English. The Master in Economics is taught in Portuguese with an English track.

FEP masters are part of the QTEM, a network which brings together universities and companies worldwide and provides students with intensive differentiation in quantitative methods.

Two FEP masters' degrees - Master in Management and Master in Finance - offer, through mobility periods in partner schools, the possibility to obtain two diplomas (double degree).

If you are an international student and wish to make a period of mobility in FEP, please check in the document "course list" available here the full course offer in English for mobility students and for which there are still vacancies available.

More information about courses in English for mobilility students