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Society - Financial Education

FEP has been, since 2012, a partner of the Financial Education project led by Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda.

Financial Education project

"No Poupar está o Ganho" is a financial education project aimed at students of all levels of pre-university education, that promotes financial literacy and, thereby, the making of informed and responsible financial decisions.

Financial Education project

The project is unique in terms of the quality and credibility of the educational resources it provides. It is anchored in a dedicated online platform where a variety of contents and tools for teaching and learning are made available. The project also provides training courses for teachers, visits to the Paper Money Museum and the organisation of thematic events such as the Financial Education Olympics. Each year, a competition recognises and rewards the work done by students in schools.

Financial Education project

FEP participates in the project by providing training for teachers and validating, from a scientific standpoint, the contents provided to schools.

This is a social innovation project that changes attitudes and behaviours and contributes to improving the financial well-being of families.

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