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Sustainability - Ethics

Our action is guided by strict ethical principles that we share with the University of Porto.

Code of Ethics


The University of Porto and all its faculties are committed to a culture of quality and rigorousness, assuming ethical and integrity standards compatible with their functions and role in society. The University is guided by the following principles of ethical conduct, which apply to all members of its community.

Principles of ethical conduct of University of Porto

  • Respect for autonomy and academic freedom in teaching and research processes;
  • Honesty, institutional loyalty and rigorous procedures in all activities;
  • Inclusiveness, refusing and sanctioning any discriminatory practice;
  • Promotion of the public interest through practices based on the respect for the Law, for regulations and for individual responsibility;
  • Respect for the privacy of the community members and safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of personal data;
  • Epistemic and moral honesty in the creation and dissemination of knowledge;
  • Impartiality, anticipating and preventing any situations of conflict of interest.

The University of Porto adopted, in December 2017, the Code of Ethics of Academic Conduct.

’The University of Porto provides a Reporting Portal, through which it is possible to report situations considered illegal within the institution.