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Other courses - GMAT Preparation Courses

GMAT is an international test made in English that evaluates the reasoning and language skills of students.


It is a valued exam in the access to FEP Master's degrees and in the admissions to most economics and management schools around the world. FEP has promoted this certification as it attests to the quality and excellence of the students it admits to its second cycle programmes, and is also a mandatory requirement for admission to the QTEM Master programme.

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GMAT Preparation Courses

FEP organizes GMAT preparation courses.

GMAT exam does not require the preparation course.

Apply for the course until 5 February 2024

GMAT Award

GMAT Award

  • The award is equivalent to the tuition fee of the GMAT preparation course
  • It is assigned to students who meet the following requirements cumulatively:
    • Enrol for the first time in a FEP Master's programme in English;
    • Have attended the GMAT preparation course from FEP;
    • Have in the GMAT a minimum score of 600.

See the GMAT Award regulations

Apply until 28 April 2024

GMAT Fee Waiver

GMAT Fee Waiver

  • Students who receive a grant from SASUP may be waived the payment of the GMAT;
  • There are 10 fee waivers available for the current academic year.

Note: Students who enrol in the QTEM Master programme are eligible for the Millennium BCP / QTEM Award, which is the cost of the GMAT exam.

Apply until 15 November 2023