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International Programmes - Double Degrees

Students of the Bachelor in Business Administration, Master in Management and Master in Finance have the possibility of obtaining a double degree.

Double degrees | Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration

FEP students have the opportunity to study three semesters in São Paulo and have their education recognised by both schools if they successfully complete the defined study plan. The University of São Paulo is considered by the QS 2021 ranking as the best institution in Brazil and the second best institution in Latin America.

Double degrees | Master in Management

Master in Management

Subject to a selection process, students of the Master in Management may undertake a study period in Marseille/Bordeaux (at Kedge Business School), or in São Paulo (at the University of São Paulo - agreement under renegotiation). Students of this master's degree also have the opportunity to obtain a double degree with SGH Warsaw School of Economics, carrying out the entire first year of the master's degree in Warsaw.

Double degrees | Master in Finance

Master in Finance

On the other hand, students of the Master in Finance can complete a study period in Warsaw (at the Kozminski University), or in the Czech Republic (Prague University of Economics and Business).

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