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FEP will hold a series of initiatives to celebrate its 70th anniversary as well as the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Main Building in 2024.

It is intended to bring together the FEP Community with the other communities that surround it, but also former students, entrepreneurs, partners and several personalities of the City, the Region and the Country. The celebrations will begin with FEP Day, scheduled for June 2.



24 May 2024


  • Opening speech by the Rector of the University of Porto, António de Sousa Pereira
  • Speech by the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento
  • Speech by the Dean of FEP, Óscar Afonso
  • Speech by the President of AEFEP, Pedro Teles
  • Intervention by the Collaborators' Representative, Cristina Monteiro
  • FEP Talent Pool 2024 awards ceremony
  • FEP Master's Challenge 2024 awards ceremony
  • Presentation of Excellence in scientific production award
  • Presentation of the Professor Carlos Pimenta Award
  • Presentation of the Professor José da Silva Costa Award
  • Presentation of Lipor's "Coração Verde" certification by the Deputy Mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo
  • FEP promotional film by Leonel Vieira
  • 2024 FEP Career Award ceremony
  • Closing Ceremony


Coffee Break


  • "The role of EIB in the face of the EU's challenges" (5th Conference)

Speaker: Nadia Calviño (President of the European Investment Bank - EIB)

Moderation and comments: Director of Público newspaper, David Pontes


16 March 2024


  • Reception and socialising
  • Opening speech by Ana Paula Delgado
  • Speech by Carlos Nunes, AAAFEP's President
  • Reading of Professor Henrique Veiga's message
  • Speech by Almiro de Oliveira
  • Speech by Carlos Costa
  • Reminiscences by, among others, Domingos Silva, Maria de Fátima Brandão, Rui Alves
  • Closing session. Speech by Óscar Afonso, FEP's Dean
23 February 2024


  • "Architecture, Viana de Lima and the FEP Building" (4th Conference)

Speakers: Pedro Martins (Architect) and Sérgio Fernandez (Architect)

Comments: Ana Paula Delgado (FEP Emeritus Professor, former Executive Director of Porto Vivo, SRU) and José Varejão (FEP Associate Professor and former FEP's Dean)

Moderation: David Pontes (Director of Público)

15 February 2024


Initiative organised in partnership with the FEP Students' Association

27 January 2024


04 December 2023


  • "Interdisciplinarity and the Future of the University (3rd Conference)

Speakers: Olga Pombo (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon) and Augusto Santos Silva (President of the Portuguese Parliament and Professor at FEP)

Commentaries: António M. Figueiredo (Founder of Quaternaire Portugal and former Professor at FEP) and Miguel Pestana de Vasconcelos (Counselling Judge at the Court of Auditors and Professor at the Law Faculty of UP)

Moderation: Samuel Silva (Journalist at Público)

06 November 2023 | Opening of the school year
  • 70th anniversary of the first class (5 November 1953)

Institutional opening: Dalila Fontes (Vice-Dean of FEP)

Speaker: José Roquette (student in the first class of FEP's Bachelor in Economics)

Comments: Álvaro Aguiar (Professor at FEP) and Cláudia Ribeiro (Member of FEP's Executive Board)

21 October 2023


14 October2023



29 September 2023


  • "Company Management and the Portuguese Managers" (2nd Conference)

Speakers: José Fernando Pinto dos Santos (INSEAD/UCP Professor, UP Engineer and Manager) and Luís Reis (Sonae Group Director and PBS/FEP Professor)

Commentaries: Ana Paula Marques (Administrator of the EDP Group, CEO of EDP-España) and Jorge Farinha (Professor at FEP)

Moderation: Victor Oliveira Ferreira (Journalist at Público)

07 July 2023
  • Commemorative dinner of the 70th anniversary of FEP | Dress-code: Gala attire optional
02 June 2023 | FEP DAY
  • Opening by the Rector of University of Porto, António Sousa Pereira
  • The intervention of FEP's Director, Óscar Afonso
  • The intervention of the AEFEP's President, Francisco Fernandes
  • Prize awards delivery FEP Talent Pool 2023
  • Prize awards Delivery FEP Master's Challenge 2023
  • Awards of FEP Career Award 2023
  • Presentation of the book in honor of Professor José Costa (edited by FEP and U.Porto Press)
  • Closure by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato


  • Raising the 70th anniversary flag


  • "Portuguese Competitiveness and European Cohesion" (1st Conference)

Speaker: Elisa Ferreira (European Commissioner and Professor at FEP)

Moderation and comments: Manuel Carvalho (Director of "Público")

The Honor Comittee of FEP's 70th anniversary is composed by representatives of the legislative power and executive bodies, as well as by a diversified set of former students who marked FEP's history and contributed to affirm the School as an institution of excellence in teaching and research in Economics and Management.

Alto Patrocinio Presidência da República

President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

President of the Assembly of the Republic, Augusto Santos Silva (2022-2024)

Rector of Porto University, António de Sousa Pereira

Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina (2022-2024)

Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato (2022-2024)

European Commissioner, former Minister, Elisa Ferreira

Mayor of Oporto, Rui Moreira

Counsellor of State, former Minister, Miguel Cadilhe

Secretary of State for Higher Education, Pedro Teixeira (2022-2024)

Deputy of the Assembly of the Republic, Carlos Guimarães Pinto

Mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio

Mayor of Murça, Mário Artur Lopes

Vice-Rector of the University of Porto, Joana Resende

President of the Porto Trade Association, Nuno Botelho

President of AEP Foundation, Luís Miguel Ribeiro

President of Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Maria Amélia Cupertino de Miranda

President of the Engineer António de Almeida Foundation, Augusto Aguiar-Branco

President of the Ilídio Pinho Foundation, Ilídio Pinho

President of the Northern Regional Delegation of the Portuguese Economists' Association, Jorge Eduardo da Silva Ferreira Dias

President of the Statutory Auditors Association, Fernando Virgílio Macedo

President of the Chamber of Certified Accountants, Paula Franco

President of the General Council of the University of Porto, former Secretary of State and President of CCDRN, Fernando Freire de Sousa

President of the FEP Alumni Association, Carlos Nunes

President of the FEP Students Association, Francisco Porto Fernandes (2022-2023)

Alberto Teixeira, Chairman of the Ibersol Group

Alípio Dias, Business Administrator and Consultant, former Secretary of State and Banking Administrator

Álvaro Almeida, Professor, former President ERS

Ana Paula Delgado, Professor, former CEO SRU

Ana Paula Marques, Executive Director of EDP, President of EDP-España

Ana Paula Serra, Professor, former Administrator of Banco de Portugal

Ana Pinho, President of Serralves Foundation

Ana Teresa Lehmann, Professor and Business Consultant, former Secretary of State

António Marquez Filipe, Director of the Symington Group

António Neto da Silva, Administrator and Business Consultant, former Secretary of State

António Portela, Executive Chairman BIAL Group

António Simões, Business Administrator, former CEO SOVENA (Mello Group)

Arlindo Cunha, Professor of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, former Minister and President of CCDRN

Carla Chousal, Executive Director Casa da Música Foundation

Carlos Alves, Professor and Business Consultant, former Administrator CMVM

Carlos S. Costa, Former Governor of the Bank of Portugal

Carlos Tavares, Coordinator at SEDES, former Minister and President CMVM

Cristina Amorim, Director and CFO of the Amorim Group

Dalila Santos, Partner Deloitte Consultores

Daniel Bessa, Business Administrator and Consultant, former Minister

Domingos Matos, Businessman, Director of Companies in the Cofina Group

Duarte Nuno Pinto, Entrepreneur, Founder of P&R Têxteis

Eduardo Rocha, Partner and Founder and Executive President of Vallis Capital

Fernando Costa Lima, Business Administrator, former President of BVP, CMVM and API

Fernando Gomes da Silva, President of the Portuguese Football Federation

Fernando Gomes, Business Administrator, former Minister and President CMP

Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, Professor, Former Minister and President CMVM

Francisca Guedes de Oliveira, Professor, Administrator of Banco de Portugal

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, Executive Chairman of MDS Group

José Manuel Fortunato, Director of Sonae Group

José Roquette, Businessman, Director of Herdade do Esporão

José Silva Peneda, Business Administrator and Consultant, former Minister and President CCDRN

José Varejão, Professor, former Director of FEP

Manuel Carvalho Fernandes, Business Administrator, former Secretary of State

Manuel Pedro Baganha, Advisor OISS, former Secretary of State and President IGFCSS

Maria Herminia Cabral, Director Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, former Secretary of State

Nelson Bessa Machado, Executive Director of AGEAS Portugal Group

Óscar Gaspar, President of the Portuguese Private Hospital Association, former Secretary of State

Patrícia Teixeira Lopes, Professor, Deputy Head of Porto Business School

Paulo Alexandre Ferreira, REPER Adviser, former Secretary of State

Ricardo Fonseca, ex-President APDL and Metro do Porto

Rui Amaral, Business Administrator, former Secretary of State

Rui Amorim de Sousa, President of the Casa da Música Foundation, former CEO of the Cerealis Group

Rui Lopes Ferreira, Executive President of the Super Bock Group

Rui Rio, Business Administrator, former President CMP

Sandra Santos, Non-Executive Director of BA Glass




As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of FEP, we invite the whole academic community to share photographs of the moments we lived together, moments that challenged, inspired, and made us grow. These images are part of our history, they are full of emotions. Let's honor those memories and celebrate the past that brought us here. Allow us to travel back in time and revive the magic of our College. Together, we will create a unique collection, always reminding us that we are part of something bigger.

Send your photographs to [email protected].