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Schools - Open Day

Every year FEP opens its doors to about 600 secondary school students who, in a fun and amusing way, have the opportunity to get to know the School and test their knowledge about what may be their future Higher Education Institution.

Students interested in the areas of Economics and Management have the opportunity to participate in vocational exploration activities to discover professional opportunities, employability, international opportunities and curricular enrichment activities provided by FEP.

This event, usually divided in an afternoon and a morning, intends to welcome potential candidates to FEP degrees and counts with the participation of the whole FEP community (professors, technicians and student volunteers).

More than making known the functioning of the School and its programmes, it intends to adjust expectations towards FEP and higher education in general, so that prospective students can make better academic and professional decisions.

In 2024, the Open Day will occur on March 19, and registration is open until March 12. More information and registration here.

For more information please contact us through the e-mail [email protected].