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Bachelor Degree - Applications and Admissions

Enrolment in FEP first cycle programmes must obligatorily be preceded by an application.

Applications and Admissions

Contests for application submission to enrol at FEP may be national (held by the Directorate-General for Higher Education) or special (held by FEP).

The first enrolment in first cycle programmes, except in cases that fall under special regimes, are done through the National Contest for Admissions which is the exclusive liability of the Directorate-General for Higher Education.

In the case of special contests of enrolment, applications are subject to conditions and deadlines that are established in an annual notice.

Local contests

Students who have already attended a study cycle at the University of Porto or at another higher education institution, whether in Portugal or abroad, and wish to enrol in a different institution/course pair, can do so under the Change of Institution/Course Pair regime.

The student who wants to change institution/course must combine the following cumulative conditions:

  • been matriculated and enrolled in another institution/course, including foreign higher education institutions, and has not completed it;
  • took the national exams for secondary education that are used as the admission tests for the pair the student wishes to change to in the year he/she wishes to change, under the general admissions regime;
  • have, in these exams, the minimum classification required by the higher education institution, in that year, under the general access regime.

This local contest is open to all students who hold a bachelor, master, doctorate or other college degree.

This local contest is open to all students who are over 23 years old and who pass special exams to evaluate their capacity to study at a university level.

Candidates taking the exams should present their application under the terms indicated in the Notice posted annually on FEP's site.

The Readmission regime is aimed at applicants whose studies in a FEP programme have been interrupted and who would now like to re-enrol in the same programme or in a programme that has substituted the original.

The Special Call for Applications for International Students regulates the applications to the 1st cycle programmes (Bachelor's Degree) for applicants who do not have Portuguese nationality or the nationality of another member state of the European Union. They therefore have the International Student Status (ISS).

International students holding a qualification giving access to higher education (any diploma or certificate attesting the approval in a secondary education programme of the country of origin and giving them the right to apply to higher education in that country or a Portuguese secondary education diploma) may apply to this local contest.

The general legislation regarding the Special Call for Applications for International Students is available at the Directorate-General of Higher Education (DGES) website. It is also important to consult the original regulation in Portuguese: Regulamento de Aplicação do Estatuto de Estudante Internacional da Universidade do Porto (Regulation on the Application of the International Student Statute of the University of Porto).