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Mobility - Mobility Out

A mobility period is an opportunity for students to have new experiences and connect with other cultures, while at the same time complementing their academic training and expanding their skill set by attending one of FEP's partner schools.

International mobility for students

Main advantages:

  • Extended stay abroad with academic recognition;
  • Exemption from tuition payment at the destination university (or payment of tuition by the programme in question) and possibility of receiving a mobility scholarship;
  • A gratifying and enriching experience at both an academic and personal level;
  • Contact with other methods of teaching and work;
  • Refinement/learning of a foreign language;
  • Professional valuation and CV enhancement;
  • Personal growth and development of capacity for adaptation, flexibility, autonomy, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Greater employability in national and international markets.

ERASMUS+ internships

FEP promotes ERASMUS+ internships with the goal of providing its students an international work experience. The internships can be curricular (in the case of the second year master students) or extracurricular (bachelor, master and PhD students).

International Mobility Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

List of FEP's Agreements

ERASMUS+ Internships