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Organization - Services and Offices

Internal administration is ensured by three offices and four services.

Organização Interna da FEP


The Executive Secretariat Office provides administrative support to the Dean and the Executive Board and serves as liaison between the Board and the academic bodies and the senior management teams.

The Governance Office is a technical unit of direct support to the Dean and the Executive Board. It is responsible for producing information and conducting studies to support decision-making, supporting the School's policy of inter-institutional and international cooperation and promoting the effectiveness of the other Services.

The mission of the Marketing and Communications Office is to support the definition of the School's internal and external communication policy, as well as to ensure the production of contents, institutional communication and public relations, and the organisation of events.


The Academic Services manage all administrative acts related to students' academic life, including enrolment and registration, class registration and the organization of time schedules, and students exchange processes. They are responsible for keeping the academic record of all students from all study cycles.

More information on the Academic Services Portal

The Career and Development Service promotes students' academic integration and success through the development of personal and social skills and extracurricular enrichment.

It is also responsible for providing specialised support, such as psychological counselling and support for students with special educational needs, and promoting initiatives to develop students' and graduates' employability and careers.

More information on the SDC Portal

The Library and Archives Service is responsible for providing the entire Faculty with the bibliographic and informational resources required to support teaching and learning activities and research.

The Library provides access to its resources in the Reading Room and remotely, and offers a home lending service. It also ensures the promotion of the information literacy of its users.

The Archive ensures the preservation and management of all institutional documentation, promoting its digitalisation. It is also responsible for the preservation of FEP's history and memory.

More information on the Library's Portal

The IT Service is responsible for providing the School with the ICT resources and services, including access to wi-fi, institutional email and software necessary for teaching and learning, research, and management activities.

The service is responsible for promoting the use of these resources and ensuring their permanent updating, as well as for managing the information management system SIGARRA used throughout the University of Porto.

More information on the SIFEP Portal

Contacts of offices and services