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Institutional - History

Connection with the world of practice and scientific rigour are the two distinctive characteristics of FEP, today as in 1953.

FEP 1974

Since it was created in 1953, FEP stands out for its strong connection to its region and to Porto, ‘a characteristically industrial and commercial city and the head of a region animated by a rich plurality of manifestations of economic activity’.

The creation of the School of Economics and Management corresponded to the desires of the northern region of the country which, in 1953 as today, demanded 'not only competent technicians, but also an elite of economists capable of occupying, because of their scientific background, the positions of the highest responsibility in vast and complex organizations'.

To train an elite of economists/managers is, from the outset, the educational mission of FEP. That is why, here, teaching and learning is anchored in the production of knowledge, continuous curricular and pedagogical innovation, and close connection with the world of practice and the community.

(Quotations taken from the Preamble of Decree-Law No. 39226)