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50 years of 25 April at FPCEUP

Banner with the logo of the 25 April organising committee with the illustration of carnations as a simulation of the trees in the FPCEUP courtyards

To the teachers/researchers/technicians

Dear colleagues, friends,

As part of my participation in the Faculty's Executive Board, I am responsible for drafting, proposing and designing a cultural and heritage policy that this board has decided to implement, including allocating a budget reserve for this purpose.

In an attempt to fulfil this purpose, I suggested to the Executive Board that we dedicate the coming year 2024 to a generic motto related to the 50th anniversary of the April Revolution. I didn't just make this proposal as my own motto, I heard it here and there and realised that the symbolism of this date would be embraced by many of you in the initiatives planned for this great commemorative year. On the other hand, I didn't make this proposal without reflecting on the distance that the event we're commemorating has for our students, some of whom are already born in the 21st century.

Having said that, and following on from the session, already announced by the Dean of the Faculty, on the Faculty's celebrations planned for 8 November, which will be followed by other events promoted by the Board, what I thought would be interesting to do, in addition to these initiatives, was to make a survey of initiatives that come from you - and that relate to this theme that is so unavoidable in 2024 - in order to try to organise a mapping of these various initiatives, first of all to get a sense of c