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Laboratories - LabRP - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Lab

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Laboratory focus on two major themes: stress, burnout, and emotions; and the quality of life of people with psychiatric.

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The research and training developed here aims to contribute to two social concerns: the emotional impact of stress, especially in the professional area and its evolution to burnout; and psychosocial rehabilitation and quality of life of people with psychiatric disabilities and others in situations of social exclusion. Stress is considered the basis of many other mental health problems, having a strong impact on professional activity, and people with psychiatric disabilities should have access to a lifestyle with opportunities, objectives, and aspirations identical to any other citizen.

The knowledge produced and disseminated are related to understanding the impact of stress on its relationship with burnout and posttraumatic stress, and related to understanding the recovery process in mental illness.

More information at the Newsletter FPCEUP about the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Laboratory.



LabRP - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Laboratory

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto

Alfredo Allen Street, s/n
4200-135 - Porto - Portugal

Responsible: Cristina Queirós

Room: FPCE001
E-mail: [email protected]