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Other Research Facilities - Brain Study Support Centre

It’s a Multimedia resource centre at the service of the FPCEUP and the academic community in general, including teachers and secondary school students.

Plastic brain model

The Support Centre for the Study of the Brain (CEAC) gathers a set of didactic materials (such as brain models, software, videos, and laboratory equipment with pedagogical purposes), having as objectives:

  • Multiplying the contexts and opportunities for learning about complex subjects, such as those related to the nervous system and the brain.
  • To acquire knowledge more effortless and enjoyable through didactic resources presented in multiple forms and supports which, on the one hand, respect everyone's learning styles and, on the other, make learning more like an entertaining activity.
  • To place those who learn at the centre of the learning process, delegating to themselves the responsibility of managing their pathway of acquisition of knowledge about the nervous system in general and the brain in particular.
  • To disseminate the research developed by the Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology.



CAEC - Brain Study Support Centre

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto

Alfredo Allen Street, s/n
4200-135 - Porto - Portugal

Responsible: João Marques Teixeira