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Other Research Facilities - Centre for the Science of Deviant Behaviour

It is a specialist research and service provision unit that focuses on the investigation of deviant behaviour.

Over the last two decades, he has developed his research around the multiplicity of objects that constitute deviant behaviour, with emphasis on the drug phenomenon, juvenile crime and delinquency, the feeling of insecurity, domestic violence, sexual abuse of minors and children in contact with the justice system, prostitution and other forms of sex work and urban marginality and social exclusion.

Assuming the bio-psychosocial complexity of all these phenomena, it adopts a broad methodological grid, from laboratory research to field research, from extensive studies to case studies, from quantitative to qualitative.



CCCD - Centre for the Science of Deviant Behaviour

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto

Alfredo Allen Street, s/n
4200-135 - Porto

Responsible: Celina Manita

Room: FPCE002