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Students - Mentoring

The FPCEUP Mentoring programme is a welcome and integration programme available to those arriving for the first time in higher education.

FPCEUP Mentoring is an institutional programme in operation since 2011/2012, which aims at:

  • Welcoming and integrating new students (from different study cycles).
  • Promoting democratic and supportive student experiences, contributing to academic success and dropout prevention, to growing involvement in the life of the faculty, to strengthening feelings of belonging and well-being and developing social and transversal skills.


The FPCEUP Mentoring is coordinated by a team of teaching staff, with students playing a very important role, both as mentors (students who have been attending the FPCEUP for at least a year and who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge about the courses, the faculty and the U.Porto) and as mentees (students coming to the FPCEUP for the first time).


Grounded in horizontal and democratic peer relationships, the mentoring activity is developed by carrying out multiple initiatives and dynamics of conviviality, sharing and cultural exchange, where everyone is welcome.

In 2019, the FPCEUP Mentorship played a relevant role in the creation of the U.Porto Mentorship, assuming significant responsibilities in its conceptualisation, implementation, development and coordination.

Mentoria FPCEUP


FPCEUP Mentoring

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto

Alfredo Allen Street, s/n
4200-135 - Porto - Portugal

Responsible: Teresa Medina

Room: FPCE037
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: (+351) 220 428 971