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Information for Students

Notices and other important messages for day-to-day life at FPCEUP


Notices and other important messages for everyday life at FPCEUP

The registration renewal process for the 2023/2024 school year will start on 24 July.


Renewal of a

NOTE: students of the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology who have between 165 ECTS and 180 ECTS, must enrol in the Bachelor's UC's during this period.


Posting of the serialised list: 2 August

Posting of the list of places in the areas of specialisation: 4 August

Registration for attendance at UC's (1st and 2nd semester): 7 to 11 August

Application for student worker status: Until 11 August

Enrolment in timetables/classes

  • 6 September - 10am to 5pm - Students with special statuses
  • 7 September - 10am to 5pm - Remaining students


Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees

Master in Psychology: 1st year / 1st time

Registration deadline: 13 to 20 July 2023

Students enrolled in the academic year 2022/2023 in the following situations may access the special period for the completion of the study cycle and examinations under special statutes (period I):

  • They intend to deliver the Dissertation/Report/Project for completion of the study cycle - see Assessment Calendar: Project Seminar, Dissertation, Project and Internship Report;
  • They need to pass a maximum of 21 ECTS or 2 Curricular Units (semester or annual) to complete the study cycle, whichever is more favourable for the student; *.
  • Students with Special Educational Needs Student Status (when the possibility of access to the Special Season is determined in the respective Compensatory Measures Agreement) - there is no limit on the number of Curricular Units to be taken; *
  • Students with the status of Student-Athlete of U. Porto may apply for registration for up to 3 annual exams per academic year, or equivalent (exam or other type of assessment), or up to a maximum of 21 ECTS credits, whichever is more favourable for the student.
  • Students with the status of Youth Associative Leader may request the enrolment of up to 5 exams per academic year, in a special season, with a maximum limit of 2 exams per curricular unit;
  • Student Workers may request the enrolment of up to 5 exams, per academic year, in a special season, with a maximum limit of 2 exams per curricular unit; *
  • Students with exceptional recognition of a special condition, under the terms of article 14 of the General Regulations for the Evaluation of Students of first cycles, integrated master's study cycles and second cycles of the University of Porto.

* Students can only enrol in special season in curricular units with "assessment by final exam only" or "distributed assessment with final exam", referring to the assessment only to the final exam component. Please note that this season is only intended for exams to obtain approval (and not improvement of classification). The assessments will take place from 01 to 15 September 2023.

Terms of enrolment:

  • Complete the online registration within the deadline defined for this purpose - from 13 to 20 July 2023. Registrations submitted after this deadline will be subject to the fine provided for in the Table of Fees and Charges of the U. Porto (for the practice of acts after the deadline) according to the date of submission of the registration.
  • Enrolment is subject to payment of the enrolment fee (€12 for each course unit) up to 48 hours before the date set for the assessment. Payment is made by ATM reference generated on your current account or directly at the Treasury.
  • Students who register for a special period and do not pay the fee due 48 hours before the date set for the assessment are prevented from taking the assessment, but are not exempt from paying the fee. The same applies in case of no-show/drop-out.

The application for the award of a scholarship for the academic year 2023/2024 must be submitted on the DGES portal. ( )

  1. Between 25 June and 30 September;
  2. Within 20 working days of registration, when registration takes place after 30 September;
  3. Within 20 working days following the issue of proof of the start of the traineeship by the organisation providing it, in the case of bachelors or masters who are undertaking professional traineeships;

In case of registration before 30 September, the application can be submitted within 20 working days, even if the deadline exceeds that date.

The application may also be submitted between 1 October and 31 May, in which case the amount of the scholarship to be awarded is proportional to the amount calculated for one year, considering the period between the month following the submission of the application and the end of the academic period or internship.

The regulation can be found at DGES ( )


If you have already applied for a scholarship via the BeOn platform in a previous academic year, you can use your credentials (they are still active) directly via your personal page at

If you are a U. Porto student and if you do not have access credentials: you must fill in and send (from 25 June) the following. form.

Credentials will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the candidate at the time of pre-registration.

ACREDENTIALSication should send an e-mail to [email protected]."

Please note that the "Virtual Cafe" app, available on vending machines, will no longer be active from Friday 23 June.
We would like to inform you that, in case you have money on card in the application, you can request its reimbursement through the Treasury of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP).
We have been informed that the suspension will be temporary, and will involve a redesign of the APP, which is expected to be available at the beginning of the next school year.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Quick access to useful links in FPCEUP's daily life

Pedagogical Surveys

With a view to continuously improving the quality of teaching in our courses, the University of Porto carries out a Pedagogical Survey of all students every semester. At the end of each semester and in the period defined for this purpose, the pedagogical survey is available in this section.

Satisfaction Surveys

Within the framework of a quality policy governed by the principle of user orientation, which aims to optimally meet the needs and expectations of those who seek us, and by the principle of continuous improvement, which aims to systematically identify opportunities for improvement and implement the necessary actions to achieve it, the satisfaction of our students is one of the priorities of the work of FPCEUP teachers and non-teaching staff.

It is in this context that we are starting to make available online surveys that aim to know your level of satisfaction with some of the Faculty's services: your contribution will allow us to assess existing practices and implement alternative solutions that can better meet your needs and challenges. Your answers are a way to let us know what is not so good, but we also count on you to give us suggestions and to point out what you think is good.

At this first moment you will find the surveys for the Library, Academic and International Relations and Mobility services available (see below); also in Sigarra, on the website of each of these services, a menu on the right side "Service Satisfaction Survey" will be permanently available. Please use it whenever you have something positive or negative to say. The results will be analysed quarterly and the respective report will be made available in the same place, as well as, if applicable, the improvement measures implemented.

Your co-operation is precious and indispensable to us, and at the same time it is a responsibility for all those who, as active, aware and involved users, decide to participate.

Completing this questionnaire is important for the improvement of all services: