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Other Research Facilities - The Observatory of Sport, Education and Communities

The Sports, Education and Communities Observatory (ODEC) is a knowledge network that articulates contributions from different social and human sciences, and is a space for experimentation and development of ideas and projects related to sport in society, as well as the systematization, production and dissemination of scientific knowledge developed in this field.

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ODEC is hosted by the Centre for Educational Research and Intervention (CIIE) of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP).


ODEC has as its object the production and dissemination of knowledge, the intervention and monitoring, the scientific consulting and the development of social innovation projects, with special focus on the field of sports, in its articulation with education, health, environment and social intervention and inclusion. To achieve its object, ODEC takes into account:

  • The plurality of the contributions of the education and sport sciences and the different social and human sciences in the construction of educational scientificity;
  • The multiplicity and complexity of educational processes;
  • The role of sport in the framework of the Portuguese educational reality, in the current context of globalization and localization of socio-educational phenomena;
  • The role of sport in different social spaces and mobilized by different societal actors and the insertion of sport in the national and international spaces of scientific production.