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Institutional Authentication

When using U.Porto’s institutional authentication process (U.Porto aai), you can safely access various Web services offered by U.Porto with the credentials of the Information System of your institution. The services that work with institutional authentication are usually labelled as “AAI” (also as a symbol).

Example of services that use institutional authentication:

U.PORTO aai is also integrated within RCTS aai (RCTS Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure), which allows the community at U.PORTO to be authenticated in national services provided by FCCN (National Foundation for Scientific Computation):

Logging in using the institutional authentication process

The credentials are the same as the ones used for authentication in SIGARRA.

Logging out

The institutional authentication process does not let you log out of the system in the usual way. To make sure that you log out of an authenticated session in any institutional service, you must close the browser window. Considering this, you should not use institutional authentication in public environments where you are not able to close the browser window, like in Web Kiosks.

Resolving institutional authentication problems

If you are having difficulties with the institutional authentication process, check if you meet the following conditions:

  • Are you able to log in to the Information System of your institution?
  • Are you using your user login along with the reference to your institution (for example,

If you have any questions, contact the nearest Helpdesk.

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Last update: March 10, 2023