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Google for Education

U.Porto's subscription of Google Workspace for Education includes Google cloud storage and common collaborative tools, such as:

Access to Google Workspace Education associated to accounts like up[123456789][1] will be provided to the entire community[3] under the following conditions:

  • Staff with an "Active" status in SIGARRA will now have their storage space limited to 100 GB.
  • Students with an "Attending" status in SIGARRA will now have their storage space limited to 15 GB.

The account will be removed after 3 months if the "Active/Attending" user status is changed.

How to create a Google account

  1. Login to the Information System
  2. Go to your personal page and choose the "Google Account" option on the sidebar
  3. To be able to use the service, you must read and agree with the subscription terms
  4. You will be welcomed to the service and will start the creation process of your Google U.Porto account
  5. When the registration process is completed (it can take up to 24 hours), a confirmation email will be sent.
Creating a Google U.Porto Account

How to access Google services

  1. Go to the desired Google service (Gmail, Drive, etc)
  2. Log in using the format up[123456789][1];
  3. You will be sent to the institutional login page where you should log in using the format up[12345678]9@[institution][2] and use the password of the Information System
  4. Use Google services as usual
  5. When you are done, close your browser window to log off


  1. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number.
  2. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number and "institution" represents your home institution (cdup, arq, fade, fba, fc, fcna, direito, fe, fep, ff, fmd, fpce, icbas, letras, med, reit, sas or sp).
  3. With the exception of FADEUP.

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Last update: October 13, 2022