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The Faculty of Sciences, one of the largest faculties of the University of Porto, is recognised for its excellence in teaching and research in Exact and Natural Sciences.

Students in the FCUP gardens

apresentação da faculdade

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP) is one of the oldest and largest organic units of the University of Porto, recognised as one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Europe.

FCUP aims to generate and disseminate knowledge in Science and Technology through the more than 70 degree programmes it teaches, seeking to respond to the major challenges facing global society. It positions itself as a Higher Education Institution of excellence, both in the Exact and Natural Sciences and in their technological applications, providing multidisciplinary knowledge that combines an interest in discovery with academic rigour and technological pragmatism.

The diversity and scientific quality of its academic community, combined with international collaborations, has greatly boosted research and innovation, making a significant contribution to the development of teaching, science and technology. The teachers and researchers at the Faculty of Sciences are part of 19 Research Centres, responsible for almost 23% of the University of Porto's scientific output.

FCUP's dimension is also visible in its third mission, with a growing role in promoting continuing education, the dissemination of science and technology and the valorisation of knowledge.

faculty presentation video