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Academic Life - Academic Groups

The Faculty of Science is made up of student groups representing the various teaching areas.

Student volunteers belonging to student groups

iNIGMA - University of Porto Maths Students' Group

Made up of young maths students whose ambition is to spread and promote their enthusiasm for this science. It is divided into 3 departments: design & communication, recreational and pedagogical. Throughout the school year, they organise lectures, workshops, presentation/debate sessions, sessions to promote mathematics and the course, dinners and social outings, among others!
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iNIGMA Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - iNIGMA

NEBUP - University of Porto Biology Students' Centre

A non-profit youth organisation that brings together students from the FCUP Biology and ICBAS Aquatic Sciences degrees. Founded in 2004, it is dedicated to providing relevant activities and talks for students, ranging from educational to festive programmes. It aims to help students with any teaching difficulties, protecting their interests and objectives.

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NEBUP Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - NEBUP

NEBQUP - Porto Biochemistry Centre

NEBQUP is an organisation that aims to represent and promote the interests of biochemistry students and alumni.

We organise activities of an academic and pedagogical nature, as well as being present at various events organised by the scientific community in Porto and at national level.

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NEBQUP Student Center logo

NEQUP - Porto Chemistry Centre

Its main objective is to help students in the area during their university experience, as well as to facilitate communication between students, teachers and the faculty and to represent them at national institutions. We want to promote chemistry and all the areas associated with it through lectures, workshops, information sessions and bringing students closer to the socio-professional environment.

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NEQUP Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - NEQUP

NGP - Oporto Geology Centre

The main objectives of the Porto Geology Centre (NGP) are to disseminate science and organise and promote events related to geology, taking into account its different aspects, with the aim of encompassing the entire geological community of FCUP.

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NGP Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - NGP

NuCC - Computer Science Centre

Founded by students from the Department of Computer Science, the NUCC's main aim is to complement the curriculum of the department's courses through lectures, workshops and other activities, developing additional skills beyond those acquired in the classroom.

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NUCC Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - NUCC

Physik UP - Centre for Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy

PhysikUP (2015) is organised into 4 departments: Inreach, Outreach, Recreation and Communication. Through lectures with professors and PhD students, we bring our students closer to the scientific community, organising visits to primary and secondary schools, awakening an interest in science in young people. We offer the PhysikUPDATE magazine and the Watt's Beyond podcast.

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Physik UP Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - Physik UP

NuCTA - University Centre for Environmental Sciences and Technologies

NUCTA was formed by students and for students to help you succeed academically, integrate into your course and prepare for what awaits you outside of university! We have talks, notes and activities prepared for you!

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NUCTA Student Center logo
FCUP Núcleos - NUCTA

PLANEAR - Porto Landscape Architecture Centre

A non-profit, non-partisan youth organisation (2004) made up of students and alumni of the undergraduate and master's degree courses in Landscape Architecture. Its aim is to promote and organise events such as national and international meetings, lectures, workshops, study visits and the dissemination of scientific and artistic knowledge, the two worlds of this area.

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