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Doctorates - Applications and Admissions

There are several ways to apply for the Faculty of Science's courses and degrees.

Smiling students in the FCUP gardens
Doctorates (3rd cycle)

Applications for FCUP doctorates are subject to general and specific conditions, which should be consulted on the page for each course.

Apply for a PhD here

Professional Opportunities

The career paths are described on each course page. See the career paths of the undergraduate degrees and the career paths of FCUP's master's degrees.

Tuition fees

To find out how much you have to pay to attend a course at FCUP, see the Tuition Fees page.

Scholarships and grants

The Faculty of Sciences promotes and/or sponsors a wide range of financial support for its students and researchers, in order to ensure equal opportunities in access to its courses, but also to reward the merit of those who stand out for their academic results. Check out the available scholarships and grants here.