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Curricular Internships in a Business Context, Extra-Curricular Internship Program and Summer Internships.

Students in the FCUP laboratory

ECCE | Curricular Internships in a Business Context

The ECCE programme connects its students with the business sector, complementing their academic training with skills acquired by applying knowledge in a real work context, which are essential for entering the job market.

  • Students who have in their study plan the possibility of attending an Internship and/or Dissertation course.
  1. By application (after authentication):
  2. By self-proposal: after completing the form, the document must be signed by digital mobile key/citizen card and sent to [email protected].

Once the application has been assessed or the self-proposal has been submitted, FCUP will inform the trainees of the steps involved in formalising the tripartite agreement with FCUP and the Host Entity (EA).

  1. By application: See calendar.
  2. By self-proposal at least one month before the start of the internship.
  • Any duly registered company that presents an internship plan compatible with the student's specific areas of study.

PEEC | Extracurricular Internship Programme

The Extracurricular Internship Programme (PEEC) aims to provide FCUP students with work experience, enriching their overall training and broadening the range of skills acquired during their academic career.

  • Teachers and researchers from organisations linked to the U. of Porto. Porto.
  • U.Porto technological spin-off companies or companies/institutions external to U.Porto, provided they are duly validated within the scope of the student's training objectives.
  • FCUP Bachelor's (2nd and 3rd year) and master's (1st year) students.


  • The application and selection process is carried out on the infoCiências platform.
  • When applying, students can express their preference and order of priority for the internships they wish to apply for.
  • Candidates are ranked according to the arithmetic average of the curricular units completed up to the date of application.

Summer internships

Summer internships are an opportunity for students to have a brief experience of the labour market, enabling them to acquire various skills.

Students and organisations
  • Students must submit their internship proposals, already duly agreed with the Host Organisations.
  • Organisations that, on their own initiative, are willing to host a trainee during the summer period.

Students and organisations should send their internship proposals and offers, respectively, to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

Internships can take place between July and August. Proposals must be submitted at least one month before the start of the internship.