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Campus - How to get to FCUP

The Faculty of Sciences is located in the so-called "Polo 3 - Campo Alegre", where it occupies an area of around 13 hectares, including buildings and large outdoor spaces and gardens.

students enter the premises of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto; above the door, a sign reads "bem-vindos. welcome"

FCUP | Como Chegar: Autocarro


There are several alternatives for accessing FCUP by bus. There are three possible stops on Rua do Campo Alegre, depending on the building you want to go to.

For Buildings FC1 or FC2/3, the most suitable is the "Gólgota" stop, while for Buildings FC4 and FC5 (or even FC6) you can get off at the "Planetário" stop.

If you want to go to Building FC6, you can also get off at the "Faculty of Sciences" stop.

  • 200 (Bolhão - Castelo do Queijo) | Connection with the metro at Bolhão | Gólgota/Planetário/Faculdade de Ciências stops
  • 204 (Hospital S. João - Foz) | Metro connection at Hospital de S.João and Casa da Música | Gólgota /Planetário/Faculdade de Ciências stops
  • 207 (Campanhã - Mercado da Foz) | Metro connection at Campanhã and Heroísmo | Gólgota/Planetário/Faculdade de Ciências stops
  • 209 (Pasteleira - Prelada) | Metro connection at Casa da Música | Gólgota/Planetário stops
  • 903 (Boavista - Vilar do Paraíso) | Connection with metro at Casa da Música | Gólgota stop
  • 907 (Boavista - Vila D'Este) | Gólgota stop

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FCUP |  Como Chegar: Bicicleta


U.Porto's U-Bike project has made 265 electric bicycles available to the entire academic community. This project aims to encourage cycling among university students.

Descubra mais sobre a iniciativa U.Porto's U-Bike.

FCUP | Como Chegar: Metro


The Faculty of Sciences is accessible by several lines of the Porto Metro: Lines A (Blue), B (Red), C (Green), D (Yellow), E (Purple), F (Orange):

  • Get off at Casa da Música Station (Boavista area)
  • Approx. 15 minutes walk to the college

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FCUP | Como Chegar: Comboio


To travel to Porto by train, you must get off at one of the two main stations: Campanhã or S. Bento.

If you get off at Campanhã you can get to FCUP:

  • Via Metro: you can take any of the lines that pass through Campanhã because any of them passes through Casa da Música station. From Casa da Música, you can choose to walk or take a bus (see "by bus" section).
  • By bus: the 207 bus to Foz passes through Campanhã station. This bus runs along Rua do Campo Alegre and you can get off at the "Golgotha" (for buildings FC1 and/or FC2/3), "Planetário" (buildings FC4/5 and/or FC6) or "Faculdade de Ciências" (building FC6) stops.

If you get off at S. Bento you can also get to FCUP:

  • Via Metro: S. Bento Metro Station is just outside the train station, on the left-hand side, and is an underground station. You should take the Metro in the direction of Hospital de S. João. You will have to transfer at Trindade Station, take another Metro and get off at Casa da Música Station. From Casa da Música, you can choose to walk or take a bus (see "Bus" section).
  • By bus: leaving the train station you should go to: Praça da Cordoaria (at the top of Rua dos Clérigos) and take buses 902 or 903 or to Praça D. João I and take buses 200 or 207. You will have to get off at Rua do Campo Alegre, at the "Gólgota", "Planetário" or "Faculdade de Ciências" stops.

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FCUP | Como Chegar: Carro


FCUP is located at Pole 3 of the University of Porto (Campo Alegre Pole).

  • If you are coming from the north or east, take the VCI towards Lisbon (Ponte da Arrábida) and exit at the Campo Alegre junction.
  • If you are coming from the south, take the Arrábida Bridge direction and exit at the 1st junction (Campo Alegre) immediately after the bridge.

FCUP | Mapa