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Mobility - Mobilities Programs

In addition to the Erasmus+ program, the Faculty of Sciences has various partnerships and agreements that encourage and guarantee academic mobility.

FCUP collaborators and teachers on international mobility

The experience speaks for itself for students, researchers, teachers and non-teaching staff who embark on an international adventure.

The Faculty of Sciences, through the University of Porto, has developed international partnerships with other institutions in the areas of teaching and research that encourage mobility, especially of students, with the aim of exchanging experiences that are enriching from both a scientific, cultural and human point of view.


  • Erasmus+ Studies (IN and OUT)
  • Mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • ERASMUS Agreements
  • Almeida Garrett
  • International Degree Program (PLI)
  • Cooperation with Lusophone and Latin American Countries