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Initiatives - Awards and Distinctions

The Faculty of Sciences rewards the academic achievements of its students and distinguishes the quality and impact on society of the work carried out by its community.

photographic composition of prize-giving events and awards

The Faculty of Sciences recognizes the academic achievements, merit and excellence of its students and alumni at its annual Awards & Distinctions ceremony. On FCUP Day, it also honors teachers, researchers and technical staff for their work on behalf of the community and with an impact on society.


School Prizes
  • School Prize Dr. António Leitão
  • School Prize Doutor Manuel Ferreira
  • School Prize Professor Moreira de Araújo
  • School Prize Ilídio de Araújo
  • School Prize Rui de Serpa Pinto
  • School Prize Soares dos Guimarães
  • Merit School Prize - Masters in Matemathics or Teaching Mathematics
  • School Prize Prof. Abílio Aires
  • School Prize Augusto Martins
  • School Prize Doutor Gomes Teixeira
  • School Prize Dr. Gomes Ribeiro
  • School Prize Dr. Neves Real
  • School Prize Prof. Doutor Jayme Rios De Sousa - Analysis
  • School Prize Prof. Doutor Jayme Rios De Sousa - Geometry
  • School Prize Doutor Fernando Serrão (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • School Prize Prof Doutor João Cabral (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • School Prize Prof. Doutor Mendonça Monteiro (Chemistry)
  • School Prize Prof. Doutor Ribeiro da Silva (Master in Chemistry)
  • School Prize Teresa Fonseca (Chemistry)
Other Prizes

For doctoral graduates with a thesis in the scientific area of Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture that has not been submitted to another competition or won any prize.

This competition values the interface between science, art and culture at FCUP, encouraging its members to create artistic works that critically and originally express topics of interest and the history of the Faculty.

illustration for the Awards Ceremony


  • Aggregates
  • Retired
  • Jubilarians

The aim of this award is to recognize and distinguish teaching work carried out on behalf of the community and with a strong contribution to the projection of FCUP's image.

Every year, FCUP awards its technical staff, researchers and teachers for their work.