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Innovation Ecosystem - FCUP Inova

The Technology and Innovation Transfer Centre (FCUP-INOVA) provides the conditions for the installation and growth of technology-based spin-offs on the FCUP campus.

Startups from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto

FCUP-INOVA works in an environment of proximity and intense collaboration with FCUP's advanced research and training and benefits from the support of SAITI (intellectual property, technology transfer, and the creation of spin-offs).

The FCUP-INOVA start-up ecosystem includes the following companies, located in the FC6 building:

Specialized cybersecurity solutions;

Development of custom-made flexible generators capable of converting thermal and mechanical energy into electricity;

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics
New products for measuring and controlling ultrafast laser systems;

Development of technological solutions to support the Data Protection Officer activity.