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Mobility - Study and Interning at FCUP

Every year, FCUP welcomes students from all over the world under various mobility programs, such as the well-known Erasmus+ Program.

Students to study and do internships at FCUP
INcoming Mobility | Studies and Internships

Call for tenders opened and information sent to partners (April)

  • After submitting the application, the process will be analyzed by FCUP's Internationalization Unit and sent to the regents and Course Directors for acceptance;
  • Once the application has been accepted, the process is validated by the FCUP Internationalization Centre and then by central validation (SRIUP). The student will receive the Letter of Acceptance from U.Porto (follow link for UP registration and student card).

  • Annual Mobility Applications, 1st Semester or Other Period: normally runs from April 1st to May 21st;
  • Mobility Applications 2nd Semester or Other Period: normally runs from September 1st to October 15th.
Before Arrival

Holding an Online Flash Meeting

Arrival at FCUP
  • Welcome session (presentation and campus tour);
  • On arrival in Porto, the student should go to the FCUP Internationalization Centre on the day and time previously scheduled;
  • On this day, the student will be registered at FCUP and will receive all the information about how the Faculty works, the password to access the institutional email/wireless network/ SIGARRA; school insurance; arrival declaration; FCUP campus.
Amendments to the Studies Contract (ACE)
  • Changes to the Initial Study Contract (ACE) are only possible in duly justified and specific situations;
  • In the event that the student is authorized to change their Initial Study Contract, the formalization of these changes will have to be adjusted and submitted on the application platform in SIGARRA, through the Creation of Change;
  • The ACE document must be signed and sent to [email protected] with the subject "ACE and Student Name";
  • NI FCUP will analyze the ACE and, if the changes are accepted, will follow the procedures for its validation.
Return to the University of Origin
  • Before returning to the University of Origin, the student must inform NI FCUP of the date of return;
  • Have the arrival declaration signed;
  • Check that everything is in order in their SIGARRA Academic Pathway;
  • Once all the results of the curricular units the student has attended have been entered into SIGARRA, NI FCUP will issue the Transcript of Records (Certificate of Grades) and send it by e-mail to the student and the Home University.