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Organization - Departments

The Faculty of Sciences is organized into six departments and a science teaching unit, which represent the major areas of knowledge in which the faculty operates.

external view of the building of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto

FCUP | Departamento de Biologia

From exploring the secrets of life, from molecules to cells, from bacteria to more complex organisms, from plants to animals, without forgetting the human and health aspects. The Department of Biology (DBIO) covers several scientific areas and has a qualified group of professors and researchers with links to renowned research centers at the University of Porto (and beyond).

The DBIO's mission is to foster excellence, innovation and continuous collaboration in teaching and research in fundamental and applied areas such as biodiversity, cell and molecular biology, genetics, evolution, genomics, ecology, ecotoxicology, quantitative biology, aquaculture and plant biology.Da exploração dos segredos da vida, da molécula à célula, das bactérias aos organismos mais complexos, das plantas aos animais, sem esquecer a vertente humana e de saúde.

Director: Fernando Tavares
Tel.: (+351) 220 402 702 / 705 / 819
[email protected]

FCUP | Departamento de Ciência de Computadores

Present and future areas such as artificial intelligence, data science and computer security are among the calling cards of the Department of Computer Science (DCC). With an experienced teaching staff, the DCC ensures high-level scientific training in the various fields involving computing and programming.

The creation, sharing and application of knowledge in the field of Computer Science, through research (R&D) and technology transfer, with a strong link to companies and society are also among the DCC's objectives. Research at the DCC focuses on areas such as Algorithms and Computational Complexity, Theoretical Computing and Formal Methods, Cryptography and Security, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Compilers, Information Networks and Protocols and Distributed Systems.

As part of its approach to society, the DCC organizes programming competitions for secondary school students (ToPAS) and university students (MIUP and SWERC), with excellent results from its teams, both nationally and internationally.

Director: Alípio Jorge
Tel.: (+351) 220 402 900
E-mail: [email protected]

FCUP | Departamento de Física e Astronomia

How does the Universe expand? Are stars born and do they die? Is it possible to levitate a train? What are things made of: particles or strings? What is a quantum computer? What do optical fibers have to do with civil engineering? These are questions that encompass the mission of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (DFA): to provide demanding and rigorous training to answer them.

To this end, it offers training from the first cycle to the doctorate, provided by a highly qualified teaching staff, all of whom have doctorates, a great deal of scientific production and long experience in the field.

The quality of the teaching and research produced at the DFA is also guaranteed by excellent laboratory infrastructures and specialized research units in the areas of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Materials Physics and Nanotechnologies and Optoelectronics and Lasers.

Director: Miguel Costa
Tel.: (+351) 220 402 404
E-mail: [email protected]

FCUP | Departamento de Geociências, Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território

The mission of the Department of Geosciences, Environment and Spatial Planning (DGAOT) is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, scientific research and support for technological development and the dissemination of S&T in the scientific areas for which it is responsible, namely the Environment, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Sciences, Geographical Engineering and Geology.

With a vision of promoting excellence in teaching and research in the different fields of knowledge, both fundamental and applied, for which it is responsible, the DGAOT's actions are focused on the study of the Earth, the Environment and Natural Resources as fundamental aspects of harmonious economic and social development which, through observation, representation and monitoring of the Earth, preservation of the environment and mitigation of natural risks, leads to optimization of land use planning, enhancement and management of natural resources and, consequently, contributes to sustainable development.

Director: Joaquim Esteves da Silva

Tel.: (+351) 220 402 702 / 705 / 819
[email protected]

FCUP | Departamento de Matemática

Within the Faculty of Sciences, the Department of Mathematics is the sub-unit responsible for teaching, research, dissemination and providing services to the community in the areas of mathematics and its applications. While teaching is the direct responsibility of the Department, research is organized by the research centers, especially the Mathematics Centre of the University of Porto (CMUP), where almost all of the department's 40 or so lecturers are affiliated. Dissemination and services to the community are organized jointly.

The Department is responsible for teaching all the curricular units in the area of Mathematics at the Faculty. It is also responsible for the Faculty's specific mathematics courses: the Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, three Master's Degree courses, one Specialization and two PhD courses, these in collaboration with other entities.

Director: José Ferreira Alves

Tel.: (+351) 220 402 215 / 206
[email protected]

FCUP | Departamento de Química e Bioquímica

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DQB) is recognized as a center of excellence in teaching and scientific/technological research. It provides an environment of innovation that encourages and enables high levels of quality to be achieved, training qualified professionals for the demands of today's job market.

Its partnership with various national and international companies enables it to provide work placements, creating bridges for students to begin their professional activities.

Director: Nuno Mateus

Tel.: (+351) 220 402 653 / 351
[email protected]

The Science Teaching Unit is a support structure for the management bodies of the Faculty of Sciences in its mission to promote the teaching and dissemination of the exact and natural sciences, including teacher training, which is statutorily recognized as one of the Faculty's responsibilities.

Director: Ana Cristina Freire
E-mail: [email protected]