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Bachelor's Degrees - Candidates FCUP

There are several ways to apply for the Faculty of Science's courses and degrees.

Smiling students in the FCUP gardens
Bachelor's degrees (1st cycle)

The general regime for access to bachelor's degree courses is especially - but not exclusively - aimed at students who have finished secondary school in Portugal. | Applications directly on the website of the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES)

Aimed at candidates who do not hold Portuguese nationality or the nationality of another Member State of the European Union and are therefore holders of the International Student Status (EIS) | Apply for the International Student Competition here

Aimed at candidates who, having attended - and interrupted - a 1st Cycle (Degree) course at FCUP, wish to resume their academic career. | For Re-entry apply here

Aimed at students who have already attended a course at FCUP or another Portuguese or foreign higher education institution and now wish to enter a different institution/course pair. | Apply here for the Change of Institution/Course Pair

Aimed at candidates with specific qualifications and personal conditions, this access regime is organized and coordinated directly by the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES)

Aimed at candidates over the age of 23 who do not have qualifications for access to higher education by another entrance system. For those over 23, apply here

Single Curricular Units

FCUP allows you to enroll in isolated curricular units. For Extraordinary Students, apply here

Professional Opportunities

The career paths are described on each course page. See the career paths of the undergraduate degrees and the career paths of FCUP's master's degrees.

Tuition fees

To find out how much you have to pay to attend a course at FCUP, see the Tuition Fees page.

Scholarships and grants

The Faculty of Sciences promotes and/or sponsors a wide range of financial support for its students and researchers, in order to ensure equal opportunities in access to its courses, but also to reward the merit of those who stand out for their academic results. Check out the available scholarships and grants here.