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Welcoming, Structures and Support Spaces - Mentorship

The FCNAUP Mentoring Programme is an institutional programme promoted by the Pedagogic Council and the FCNAUP Board of Directors, which aims to promote academic, personal and social integration, the development of transversal skills, and the academic success of our students, integrated in the Transversal Peer Mentoring Programme of the University of Porto.

Welcome to the FCNAUP Mentorship Programme!

The Mentoring Programme promotes and favours peer collaboration dynamics, in which students already attending the FCNAUP and the U. Porto (Mentors) promote the integration of students arriving for the first time at our Faculty (Mentorees), in the different study cycles (Bachelor, Master or Doctoral). It is expected from FCNAUP Mentors a commitment to facilitating the integration process of all new national and international colleagues newly arrived at FCNAUP and the dynamization and participation in mentoring activities throughout the academic year.

For the training of our future Mentors, training seminars will take place at U.Porto and FCNAUP, which will be disclosed during the following months.


If you want to participate in the Mentoring Programme as a Mentor in the next academic year, 2022-2023, and make a difference in FCNAUP and U.Porto, apply and fill in the following short form:


  • Prof. Doctor Renata Barros
  • Professor Doctor Pedro Moreira
  • Prof. Doctor Bela Franchini
  • Prof. Doctor Cláudia Afonso
  • Prof. Doctor Duarte Torres

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