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Facilities - Art and Nature

As with Nutrition, the environment influences the outcome by promoting socialisation, recreation and personal growth opportunities.

The FCNAUP, now installed in a new building in Porto city centre, next to emblematic spaces of architecture, culture and nature, among which stand out:

This convergence of spaces with culture and nature inspires creativity and critical thinking, providing new ideas and perspectives.

Art also has a prominent role in the daily life of the School of Nutrition of the U.Porto. Through art exhibitions and social gatherings, the FCNAUP provides its public with contexts that promote social change.

In this context, as an example, we highlight the exhibition "Shadows I Don't Want to See" by Helder de Carvalho, displayed at the FCNAUP facilities in the 2022/2023 academic year.

A provocation, like Trojan horses that bring infiltrators to "disquiet", interfere with lines of reasoning and "disturb" the rhythm of days.