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R&D+i Support - Services and Facilities

FCNAUP researchers have at their disposal research infrastructures and support services in the Research ecosystem of the University of Porto to develop research of excellence.


At U.Porto:

There are several laboratories to support teaching and R&D activities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and support from specialised professionals.

The Laboratory of Gastrotechnics is an experimental kitchen where teaching, research, innovation and service to the community occur. The research activities that take place here include the development of new food products but also community intervention projects with a component of "Culinary Medicine". The equipment ROTAVAPOR stands out, which allows evaporations at reduced pressure and therefore has various applications in gastronomy, particularly in molecular gastronomy.

Estudantes no Laboratório de Gastrotecnia

The Laboratory of Body Composition is a space dedicated to teaching, research, development and innovation in Anthropometry and Body Composition.

Here we find a wide range of models of the most traditional equipment and also the most innovative in the area of Anthropometry, functional assessment and body composition, such as DEXA scan, scales, stadiometers, and dynamometers, among others. Some of these are available for loan for research work. This space is used for measurement training and the study of measurement error.


The Food Innovation and Technology Laboratory is a space where solutions are sought for the most urgent needs of a sustainable agri-food system, about the production, processing and confection of safe, nutritious and pleasurable foods that meet the needs and expectations of consumers. In this sense, three main research areas are explored: the development of food products from vegetable protein sources, mainly legumes; the study of fermentation processes and the development of fermented food products; development of food ingredients from by-products of the agri-food chain.

The Room of Tests of Sensory Analysis is equipped with individual tasting chambers to assess the sensory quality of food products as part of the development or improvement of food products.

There are also other support spaces.

Researchers also have sources of quality scientific information in print or online format. To learn more, see ICT Resources -Support for Research.