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Facilities - Building and Virtual Tour

Come and meet Porto School of Nutrition.

FCNAUP building

The FCNAUP building was built in 1991, under the coordination of Architects Fernanda Seixas and Anne de Perl, to accommodate the IBMC - Institute of Molecular Biology of the University of Porto. In 2018-2019, the building was rehabilitated and refurbished to install the FCNAUP, according to a project coordinated by Architect João Castro Ferreira.

"In its geometry, we can read the tension between the regularity of the base module of the laboratories and the diversity of the immanent alignments of the immediate surroundings, and the system of views that enables the enjoyment of the green areas of the "University Circle", the "Botanical Garden" and the Foz do Douro Estuary is particularly relevant".

"Its spatial structure is polarised by the central courtyard, around which the various volumes that compose it develop, as if in a spiral. Particular attention was given to the common and indoor/outdoor transition spaces, enhancing the casual encounter between users".

Architect João Castro Ferreira, 2023.

3D diagram of the FCNAUP building, showing the 5 floors and the main entrance.
  • Teaching and R&D Support Laboratories;
  • Food Counselling Service;
  • Academic Activities (support room).
  • Auditorium;
  • Bar;
  • Academic Services;
  • Accounting and Human Resources;
  • Classrooms;
  • Body Composition Laboratory;
  • Students' Lounge.
  • Dr. Emílio Peres Space | Library;
  • Computer Rooms / Classroom;
  • Classroom;
  • Support and Logistics.
  • Teaching and R&D support laboratories;
  • Gastrotechnics laboratory;
  • ICT Helpdesk;
  • Classrooms.
  • Management;
  • Teachers' Offices;
  • Erasmus Mobility (support room).