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Projects - R&D Projects

The research developed at FCNAUP and the participation of FCNAUP in R&D activities represent strategic profiles of the faculties, given the needs for teaching and education in Nutrition Sciences and societal challenges in the area of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

R&D Projects

Synergies resulting from the collaboration in teaching with other Organic Units of U.Porto and other Universities are promoted to develop and prepare joint research projects, such as Best-ReMaP, FRESAN or AGRIFOOD, or projects with industry, such as cLabel+.

Ongoing FCNAUP projects with national or international funding:

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Networks and Collaborative Structures

    Participation of FCNAUP in the project SYSTEMIC - Knowledge Hub on Food and Nutrition Security, whose main objective is to foster transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration and networking to catalyze and accelerate research that integrates the different facets of the food system to address climate and global change challenges;
    The Centre for Active and Healthy Ageing Skills of the University of Porto - Porto4Ageing, is a multidisciplinary working group in the areas of aging, digital health, entrepreneurship, and innovation, which promotes networking activities (construction and management of national and international collaborative work networks), research and innovation (design and implementation of national and European research and innovation projects), training and empowerment of the population (students, professionals, caregivers, patients, etc.), and validation and scaling of innovative solutions;
    FCNAUP is part of the Colab4Food collaborative laboratory for Innovation and Development (R&D) in the food sector to increase its competitiveness through a collaborative strategy between academia and business, being a catalyst in the process of developing new products and technologies for the food industry.

Dissertation/Thesis Project

The FCNAUP promotes the development of scientific research skills in the various cycles of study, whether within the framework of Curricular Units dedicated to the Research Methodology and the Preparation of the Dissertation/ Thesis, field/practical work carried out within the framework of Curricular Units dedicated to scientific research and innovation in Nutrition Sciences.

Ongoing or completed dissertation projects can be consulted on the page of each FCNAUP study cycle (courses with administrative headquarters at FCNAUP).

Quality of the FCNAUP research

It is visible in the growing participation in multicenter projects, many of which are international, and also translates into: