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Institutional - Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility

The FCNAUP aspires to be considered a reference institution capable of providing training recognised as excellence.

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"The FCNAUP aspires to be considered a reference institution able to ensure a training recognised as being of excellence in various fields, assuming an important role in the intellectual, social and personal training of our students, in the expansion of knowledge and innovation in the areas of Nutritional Sciences, in the creation of conditions for an effective appropriation and application of the knowledge it produces within the community and in contributing to a more educated, inclusive and fair society, particularly in the areas of food and access to healthy eating".

Guiding Program Mandate 2022-2026.

Our commitment

The FCNAUP's commitment for the next four years, taking into account the Principles of Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility (RSAE) in a university context (Green Book on Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions) and the zeal for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, are:

  • Promote and make available quality education in the field of Nutrition and Food Sciences by continuing to integrate social, environmental and ethical responsibility and zeal for the SDGs into their study plans;
  • Align the organisational strategy, culture and practices of the college and its academic community with the SDGs and RSAE recommendations for a Campus that is socially and ethically responsible, sustainable and healthy;
  • Developing Quality research and producing knowledge that contributes to the SDGs, continuing to integrate the SDGs in Research projects and scientific production and dissemination;
  • Establish partnerships with socially and ethically responsible institutions with a view to zeal for the SDGs and social participation in the community.

Competencies and support structures in the area of health and welfare

  • The FCNAUP has contributed to the strategy of improving health and well-being within the U.Porto, contributing to obtaining, by U.Porto, the certificate Platinium of the Program Healthy Campus of FISU in 2022 by proposing to improve health conditions and food and nutritional well-being in the campus;
  • The FCNAUP is part of the SASUP Advisory Board for the food area, specifically for improving the food supply of the canteens at U.Porto, as well as collaborating with the Unit of Social Responsibility of the U.Porto;
  • Since 2022, FCNAUP has provided a space for Psychological Support Consultations for students, PsiCa and collaborates on SASUP Nutrition Consultations;
  • The FCNAUP also provides the Nutrition Consultation Service;
  • The FCNAUP is a subscriber to the Porto's Climate Pact.