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Organisation - Management Bodies

The Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences governance is ensured by a set of governing bodies with management or advisory powers in specific areas of the Faculty's activity.

Management Bodies

Is responsible for electing the Director of the Faculty and assessing the acts of the Director and the Executive Council, approving possible alterations to the FCNAUP Statutes, and proposing initiatives for the smooth running of the institution.

It is chaired by Prof. Doctor Ada Rocha.


More information at Council of Representatives (term of office 2022-2026).

The FCNAUP's Director is responsible for chairing the Executive Council and directing FCNAUP's services, representing FCNAUP in UPorto's governing bodies, namely the Senate, and before the exterior, among other duties.

The Director is Prof. Doutor Pedro Graça (mandato 2018-2022, 2022-2026).


FCNAUP Previous Directors:

Assists the Director in exercising his powers and the powers delegated to him by the University Management Board.

It is chaired by the Director of the FCNAUP, Prof. Doctor Pedro Graça (mandate 2022-2026).

More information in Conselho Executivo.

Is responsible for deliberating on the FCNAUP scientific activities plan, reflecting on the distribution of the teaching service and pronouncing on the creation of training offers and conditions for the operation of all study cycles, among other functions.

It is chaired by Prof. Doctor Nuno Borges (mandate since 2015).


More information in Conselho Científico.

Is responsible for proposing and deciding on pedagogical strategies and teaching and evaluation methods, deciding on the school calendar and examination schedules, among other functions.

It is chaired by Professor Doctor Pedro Moreira (mandate since 2019).


More information in Pedagogical Council.

FCNAUP is subject to the financial supervision of the competent body of the University of Porto.

Management Support