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Welcome to UP Doctoral Careers, welcome to your careers!


The University of Porto now has a Careers Community designed to support the career paths of doctoral students, doctoral graduates, doctoral candidates and those interested in pursuing a doctorate.

Thinking about where you are in your career and how you can make it your life's project is an important part of your path, whether you imagine yourself in or out of academia and research.

Explore the resources and initiatives that will help you build your professional career throughout your life. Take advantage of your PhD to design and prototype alternative versions of your career and design multiple and diverse career plans with us.

The UP Doctoral Careers’ centre of resources was designed to give you the information and experiences that will make you feel ready to approach the job market and to (re)design your career paths. Here you can explore career possibilities through several initiatives such as podcasts, webinars and initiatives with companies. Also, you can learn about and delve into data and content focused on career development, build and reflect on your path through a career plan, individually or supported by U.Porto’s professionals, and explore other resources beyond ours.

For those interested in getting a Doctorate at U.Porto, get to know our formative offers on PhD programs here.

If you've found your way here, you likely have already thought about the importance of designing your career. Through the years of your Doctoral Programme, your main goal may have been its successful conclusion, but the next step is just around the corner. Maybe now that you have reached one of your goals, you are having doubts about the next steps for your career. Don't panic, you can start your journey with us.

So, if you are ready to explore this centre of resources to PhD candidates and holders, take your first steps:

Explore our podcast, where you'll discover an array of diverse career paths both within and outside your field of expertise

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Unlock opportunities you can prototype with the companies and institutions interested in creating solutions with you

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Join the Doctoral Careers Community to connect with peers and discuss the latest developments in the realm of PhD studies

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Craft your career plan, always tailored to your aspirations, objectives and future prospects

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But there are many more resources, you can navigate through the various menus in no particular order, so dive in!

UP Doctoral Careers is an initiative stemming from the PhD Career Design project, initiated in 2021. It involved a technical team comprising members from various units within the University of Porto, including the Talent and Career Centre, Work Psychology Consulting Service, FEUPs Talent Unit, ICBAS Student Support, Employability and Alumni Office, I3S, and the Teaching and Learning Laboratory. Additionally, it was supported by the Portuguese funding "Skills for a Next Generation U.Porto" (Upskilling U.Porto) under POCH-I2-2022-01 Post Covid Competition - Skills for the Future in Higher Education”. Now, it is run by contributions from representatives of U.Porto's Organic Units, Research Centers, PhD candidates, holders, advisors, course directors, companies, and institutions. Furthermore, it is supported by the EUGLOH network and the DocTalent4EU project.