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ConnectiON - Networking event between U.Porto talent and organisations.

Organisations can organise a unique and personalised networking event between their organisation and students, online or on the U.Porto campus.

ConnectiON allows you to design an activity and programme tailored to your needs with the support of our Centre. Based on a logic of proximity and more significant interaction between the organisation and participants, Connection allows the company/organisation to contact and talk to fewer participants previously selected by you.

What are the advantages of taking part in ConnectiON?

  • Acquiring more excellent knowledge of U.Porto's training offer and professional profiles on the part of organisations;
  • Strengthen your organisation's brand and make career opportunities known to your target group in a more personalised way;
  • Direct contact with U.Porto talent and the possibility of finding reinforcements for their staff;
  • Sharing know-how with students and graduates on the skills that the labour market expects from future professionals;
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences in an academic, interactive and comfortable environment;
  • Creating a more comfortable environment for more significant interaction between companies and students (for Q&As).

With your organisation's participation in ConnectiON, our students and graduates can:

  • Acquire more significant knowledge about the professional opportunities they can access;
  • Access career opportunities at national and international levels;
  • Increase their ability to define and realise their career goals;
  • Acquire more tools to "manage" their professional career and their development of transversal competencies;
  • Have permanent contact with the labour market, increasing their knowledge of it;
  • Ask more concrete questions without "fear of exposure".