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Research Projects - Sensitive Industry

The "Sensitive Industry" innovation project, in which the FDUP is a partner, aims to bring Artificial Intelligence into factories around the world, with the aim of developing new technological solutions to improve the efficiency, quality and cost of industrial production.

The FDUP team, led by Professor José Reis, also includes Professor Rute Teixeira Pedro, Professor Maria Raquel Guimarães, Dr Rodrigo Rocha Andrade, Dr Luísa Eckenroth Moreira and Dr Inês Neves.

The project will attempt to provide a legal framework for the results of research into new ways of optimising the operation of a "factory floor" through the use of digital sensors, in the fields of labour relations, personal data protection and civil liability.

This partnership, which involves the German multinational Bosch, the University of Porto - through the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and the FDUP - and International Iberian Nanotechnology, has an investment of 10 million euros, to be implemented by 2025, supported by national funds, with the support of COMPETE 2020.